Founded in 2022, THE Scholart Selection is a vibrant contemporary art gallery in the historic San Gabriel Mission district of Los Angeles. Deeply integrated into the city’s Asian American community, especially in its more prosperous areas, the gallery is committed to uplifting and promoting artists from diverse backgrounds for Asian collectors globally. 


THE Scholart Selection transcends the role of a mere venue for art; it serves as a storyteller, an educator, and a connector. With a team of skilled curators, exhibition specialists, and media experts, the gallery breaks through traditional barriers to make contemporary art more relatable and accessible to Asian collectors worldwide. It achieves this by sharing the compelling stories behind the artworks and fostering a network that brings artists and a wide range of art enthusiasts together, thereby forming enduring bonds between the artworks, their artists, and the collectors who cherish and support them.


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Tuesday - Saturday

10 AM  - 5 PM




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